About the writer

The writer wishes to remain anonymous for the meantime, she lives in Australia, is a qualified legal practitioner but left her budding career in law during her late 20’s to pursue her passion for writing. She is currently in her 30’s and spends most of her days researching, writing, training in martial arts, practicing Qi Gong and Yoga, and is passionate about gardening and cooking.  For over two decades the writer has studied ancient Eastern philosophies, various religious texts, new age spiritual guidance books, leading motivational speakers and the like, as well as, cutting edge scientific discoveries revealing the line between spirituality and reality is far from clear. During her extensive study and research the writer has gained fascinating insights into life and the greater universe. She has an abundance of  meaningful life experiences and has witnessed first hand the occurrence of miracles in her life. While she does not offer any medical, or professional advice in her articles, they are written with the intention to provoke positive and thoughtful discussion, giving an opportunity for all of us to reflect on our lives and potentially provide inspiration to her readers to make relevant changes in their lives, so they are able to live their most optimal life.

The writer is not affiliated with, or connected to, in any way, any political or religious movements or societies. Her writing is made independently based on her own extensive research, and she does not subscribe to, or promote, any religious or political views of any kind.

She requests that all discussions made on this site be done thoughtfully and with positivity. Her articles are not intended to be interpreted as definitive or instructional but merely the offer of the writers opinion on relevant subjects. While the writer believes strongly in the benefit of her research and articles, she is mindful that we all have individual beliefs. She respects everyone’s opinion, and appreciates the same courtesy to be returned when responding on this site.

If you would like to keep the discussion going and communicate with the writer and fellow readers, please visit Evolution of Humankind on Facebook.



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