Let there be light!

It appears we are experiencing a lot of turmoil around the world recently. Following the election of Donald Trump in America, everyone, including people in my home country Australia have an opinion about it. It has become a time of great polarity and opposing opinions, but maybe the most significant aspect that has arisen from this is the feeling that Trump has ignited in America a heightened sense of sexism and racism.

I have this overwhelming feeling, predominantly media driven, that there appears to be a lot of fear, darkness and negativity rising in the world as a result. However, what we have briefly lost sight of is that the world has always been a battle ground of relativity. We have had incredibly hard times in our history, and inspiring times too. The dark and light times have never really stopped. They have just changed in their forms.

What we are losing sight of isn’t whether the world is becoming too dark a place to live in, our beautiful world is always going to incorporate both the lightness and darkness. But the most comforting principle to remember is that when darkness and light collide, light always prevails. When you enter a dark room and turn on the light, darkness cannot exist at the same time.

I have witnessed this thoughout the past few weeks in news articles following some of Trump’s most recent policies to ban people entering the US from certain countries. There has been a huge outpouring of protesters, standing up for the rights of strangers. Lawyers working tirelessly without pay to assist those in need, and Judges risking their tenure to do what they believe is right.

The key to understanding and surviving this current perceived chaotic world is to ensure you are experiencing it through the best filter of perception, a filter of light, clarity and peace. There may always be negative things that occur in our lives and around us, this is part of the Earth journey, but how you perceive it makes a profound difference to how you will experience it.

Everyday I wake up, the first thing I do is I consciously find at least 10 things I am grateful for. Throughout the day I take notice of things I witnessed or read or heard about that demonstrate just how beautiful and light the world can be. From a stranger offering his or her seat on public transport, to emergency service operators risking their lives to save another or even something as simple as a smile to brighten another person’s day. And when darkness eventually rears its ugly head, somewhere, somehow it will inspired someone, maybe even yourself, to stand up and lighten up the room.


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