Self-guided healing

Late last year I took a short break from writing my book and my blog because I felt compelled to read and learn more about healing. I was drawn to a book by the author Anna Parkinson called “Change your mind, heal your body”. For some reason the title of the book really hit home for me and after reading about the authors journey in curing her brain cancer through a body-mirroring technique, where a healer is able to tune into another person’s energy and find through images in the healers mind, the emotional roots of the persons physical ailments. Her story was so compelling I contacted her via her website to request a healing session through Skype. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was open and very excited about the process. I spoke to Anna for an hour and during that time she able to tune into my body and highlight all the emotional baggage I had been holding on to for so long. She went into my past with such detail and accuracy it was like she was reading a biography of all my life’s struggles and issues. She even brought up issues I had completely forgot about and was able to shed light on certain things that happened to allow closure and even forgiveness. She also mentioned something very intriguing and unexpected. I would eventually embark on a journey to learn about healing from the Australian Aborigines. This was a surprise to me because I had never really thought about Aboriginal tribes and their healing methods.

After my healing session with Anna I became almost obsessed with researching Aboriginal healing, that is when I stumbled upon a book called “Secrets of Aboriginal Healing”, by Gary and Robbie Holz. It was about a journey of a physicist named Gary Holz who was diagnosed with MS and paralysed from the neck down, he travelled to Australia from the US to live with a remote Aboriginal tribe to learn their ancient healing secrets. When he returned from this visit he had regained feeling in his body and was able to walk onto the plane home with a walking aid and lived seven years after his prognosis of two years. The years after his stay with the Aboriginal tribe he became telepathic, was able to communicate with his spirit guide and a very powerful spiritual healer.

I eventually contacted Robbie Holz, who discovered her own spritual healing abilities after her late Husband had passed. We had an hour long healing session on Skype where she was able to tune into my spirit guides and determine the emotional issues underlying each of my health problems and work through new belief systems to restore balance to my life and body.

Shortly after this experience a memory came to me, one that I had kind of repressed as insignificant and inexplicable. During my early twenties around the time I was diagnosed with kidney disease, my eye sight started deteriorating and I required specs for long vision and reading. It was a bit of an adjustment for me because I have always had fairly good eye sight and I was not comfortable with wearing specs. I wore them on most occasions when I needed them. During my classes at University and driving. But I always found them to be uncomfortable and inconvenient. One day I was in my car and I remember getting really frustrated with my specs and in a small fit of anger I pulled my specs off my face and said to myself I no longer wish to be dependent on these, and put them away. To this day, I have no idea where I put them and have not seen them since. (It’s been almost 10 years) After I put them away I remember the frustration of not being able to see properly but stubbornly I refused to cave in and wear my specs, so every time I could not see clearly I would say to myself “this is unacceptable, I need my vision and I cannot be dependent on specs, they just don’t work for me, I don’t need them anyway.” I would repeat this over and over and imagine my eyes correcting themselves and seeing clearly. Then I would constantly go for walks in parks and try to focus on something in the far distance, a tree or a plant, or a beautiful flower, something that was pleasant to look at. After years of doing this, I started to forget about my vision problems and five years later I went for a routine eye check. My optomistrist was surprised, he asked what I had been doing, I was confused by his question. He said my vision had corrected itself and I no longer required specs. I was shocked. It hadn’t occurred to me that I was seeing clearly again, it became a natural part of my life and an expected one. Looking back now, I realised I healed my own sight, through constantly repeating to my brain what I needed, expecting it and using my imagination to guide the path. Then once I let go of the need for it to happen and any resistance, the energy was open for healing to flow through and manifest. I realise now, this is the process of all healing. Our bodies are incredibly miraculous and capable of things beyond our wildest dreams. The path to healing is to ensure your body is placed in the correct environment for healing to take place. This requires one to be in a calm, relaxed state, once this is achieved instructions must be given by to the brain, once it has been alerted to the issue it can go about rectifying it in the body. But this may take some persistence and the awareness of any emotional thought patterns that may be causing the illness in the first place and removing them. The final step is to let go, trust the body will and is capable of healing itself and not place any resistance in needing results immediately.


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