The greatest gift of all.

From the dawn of time,
The skies and earth align.
Life is born,
And the land is torn.
The trees’ clear the air,
While ravens stalk their share.
The lions are fierce and mighty,
Cross their paths to find them feisty.
Birds unique in their feather,
But often fly together.
Cheetahs are blessed with power and speed.
The animal kingdom is impressive, indeed.
But the greatest gift of all
Is by far the best to call,
Given to humans, is the ability to think.
With this gift we are able to link
Our minds’ for creation;
That govern our own salvation.
Witness our feats;
There is nothing we cannot defeat.
Flying higher than a bird,
Moving faster than the herd.
We wield weapons far more destructive and deadly
Than a bear’s claws, incredibly.
With this power comes great duty,
Behold the real beauty.
With every thought,
What is sought,
Is the freedom from our own distraught.


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