Faith means moving forward when we don’t know what is ahead.

Faith is a word that has been popularly associated with the concept of religion. A belief in a God or higher power that is not able to be viewed or perceived in the physical realm, but only through our faith, as something we know in our hearts to be true.

I want to broaden the concept of this word, and discuss what faith means outside of it’s usual religious context. It is not just about following religious dogma, it has a far greater purpose and power. Faith is an intangible knowing that we are powerful beyond our physical and mental limits. Irrespective of life’s incredible difficulties, setbacks and struggles there is a power we all possess, faith. A power to see past our circumstance, pain and suffering and have complete trust in ourselves and the greater Universe, to support us unconditionally. No matter how dire things may become there is still that glimmer of faith, somehow I will be okay and get through this. The only real way to know how strong and real our faith is, is when we are truly tested. When life knocks you to your knees, and then pushes you down even further until you are on your hands and knees, and just when you think you cannot take it anymore, you reach your hand out for mercy, dirt is kicked into your eyes and blinds you. But in the midst of your unbearable suffering there is a spirit of determination and belief that you are still strong enough to get back up. You allow yourself to rest, and then when everyone else has ridden you off, you eventually get back up because you know that faith means you cannot accept any other reality than one of hope.

This is when we learn that those defining moments in our lives where things have gotten so bad and our failures or setbacks seem insurmountable, actually reveal to us the power and strength of our faith. It pushes us to continue to move forward, not knowing what the future will hold. But walking with confidence knowing that whatever will be, you have the strength to handle it, the courage to face it and the support to get through it.


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