The only time you really have is right now.

In a world of relativity, aspects of life are defined by polarity. For instance, roughness exists against the sensation of softness, the strong overpowering the weak and time exists through the present, and the illusion of a past that is represented by the future. But what is time really? We experience it with time passing on a dial of a clock and a calendar that informs us of the day, month and year. But our actual experience of life is happening in the present moment. It is kind of like a movie reel that goes through a single projector and although we experience it as an entire movie, it is really just a series of pictures/ moments on a film that is shifting through a projector at an exceedingly high speed and is perceived by the viewer as an entirely complete movie, when really it is nothing more than a whole lot of pictures going through one point.

Time is kind of like that, it is an illusory concept involving a large array of individual moments that continually shift to form a continuos experience giving the impression we are experiencing a linear time of past, present and future. When really it is all just happening right now, a series of infinite moments rapidly shifting from one experience to the next. The most interesting part of this is there is more than one possibility for us to shift into and experience, and the kind of “life” we live will depend on our state of being. For instance, if our state is of a higher frequency (joyful, excited, peaceful and loving) we will shift into a life that is reflective of that state.

Further, when we understand that time is an illusion of our own design it can become much more malleable, we can affect how quickly or slowly we age. When we are immersed in an activity that brings us great joy we may find that we experience time as being a lot faster, we feel as though we have only been engaging in the activity for a short amount of time but when we observe the linear time it shows that several hours have passed. When this happens, you have only aged the amount of time you feel has actually passed. So if in those several hours you felt like only 30 minutes passed, then you have only aged 30 minutes.

That is why, for the most part people who live a life of joy, excitement and in complete alignment with their hearts desires (provided they haven’t damaged their bodies through other physical means such as excessive sun exposure, drugs or alcohol or a consistently bad diet etc), tend to age really well. Have you noticed how a devastating or “draining” life experience can age a person by many years almost overnight? That is because in their suffering they are experiencing time as a long, arduous year or decade even if only a day has passed.

So why is it even important to understand the real concept of time? Because when you know how it works, you know how to use it, and if you know how to use it, you can use it to your advantage. By fully embracing the present you realise that is all that matters, because that is all you really ever have.


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