Let’s talk about the “F” word -Fear

There was a period of time where I believed that fear was just one of those things I had to live with. It was an uncontrollable part of my personality and character that holds me back from risks, whether they be dangerously life threatening risks or the risk of failure or even worse discovering some hidden truth that maybe I might not be worthy. But aside from the evolutionary function of risk management, fear when left unchecked or adequately controlled can be incredibly debilitating and hold us back from living the most authentic and fullest versions of ourselves.

I recently read an article about a woman who did not have an activated part of her brain that received or experienced signals of fear. She literally lived an entirely fearless life. However, as great as this may potentially sound there are many draw backs. Fear can sometimes keep us safe from engaging in life threatening behaviour, so when you remove this aspect you don’t really have a filter in your life. One evening this woman was walking home by herself and spotted a homeless man sitting on a park bench, the streets were empty, it was a quiet area and not very well lit up. The homeless man gestured to the woman to come over to him, out of curiosity she walked over to him. He immediately sprang up and pushed her to the ground and held a knife to her throat and said in an incredibly menacing tone “I am going to kill you”. The woman could hear the choir singing from the nearby church service and without flinching she looked the man in the eye, with a stern and confident voice said “God is watching”. The man was shocked both by her words and her confidence and without saying a word he got up and walked away. While in that moment her lack of fear probably saved her life, her life may not have even been at threat had she feared for her safety in the first place and not approached him.

If you understand fear you can use it, if you do not understand it then it uses you.

Fear is an emotional feeling and state of mind that indicates there is a belief system that needs to be examined because it is out of alignment with our true self, that is our most excited, loving, joyful and peaceful self. The most important thing to remember is that rather than trying to hide or run away from our fears, we should use it as an opportunity to learn more about ourselves. It is a great tool for deciphering beliefs that are holding us back in life or creating a life we do not prefer. On an energetic level fear and excitement are of the same frequency, however, one is positive and the other is negative. The difference between them is one is more representative of the real you and the other is not. The real you is worthy, loved and loving. You are part of, not separate from, the source of all existence.

There was an interview of an incredibly talented Opera singer who suffered from a terrible case of stage fright, she noted that before every concert she would feel her palms begin to sweat, her heart palpitate and had a shortness of breath. She would be so consumed by her emotions and sometimes would cancel her performance because she was convinced she was having a heart attack. A few years later  I remember reading an interview of a rock singer who described the intensity and excitement he experienced just before going on stage, he was addicted to the feeling he got in his body just before he performed. He described how he would feel his palms sweating, heart race and a change in his breathing, he said when he felt this in his body he would get fired up with adrenalin and excitement and it pumped him up to have a great time performing.

Both seemed to have the same physical experience except their interpretation of it was very different. One experienced it with fear and the other excitement. Don’t let your fear hold you back. Sometimes all you need to do to be brave is to change your perspective.


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