Some of the most beautiful things in life are born from extreme pain.

Many people including myself have spent our entire lives literally trying to escape pain, but unfortunately it is an inevitable and necessary part of life. Pain is a sensory indicator that something is wrong, whether it be physically or emotionally. We all know that ignoring or leaving pain untreated will in most cases only make the situation worse. When pain is not treated with the attention, respect and care that it deserves it can become our worst nightmare. Some of the most incredible works of art and musical scores were born while the artist or musician suffered from manic depression. Throughout history there are countless examples of beautiful poems, stories and objects that were created by people that were inspired during very difficult times. Some of my favourite songs were written about the musicians personal pain, such as suffering from a devastating loss or heartbreak and struggle in life. They channeled their pain into self expression and beauty.

Your pain does not have to define you, and it does not have to be your greatest enemy. When you embrace it and stop resisting it you will gain the lessons, start to heal, connect with others and eventually it will no longer hurt.


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