Introduction to the evolution

This is the beginning of my journey in communication with the world, my aim is to share with as many people as I can the lessons I have learned during my life, it is my hope that what I have to share will provoke a new way of thinking about the world we live in, our lives and who we are. We are the only civilisation in the known galaxy that is born into complete and utter darkness about who we really are? Where we come from? What is the purpose of our lives? After years of pain, trauma and suffering I searched desperately for answers…and one day I received a response. Synchronicities in my life became so prevalent I could no longer ignore what I was learning. Eventually I realised how my life was beginning to transform in the most miraculous and incomprehensible of ways. I started to change as a person. Evolve. And deep within my heart I know humankind is heading to a major shift, we are evolving as a civilisation, and soon our wars, hate, crime, dis-ease and suffering will become nothing more than historical accounts of our journey from total darkness to the discovery of our light.


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