Let there be light!

It appears that we are experiencing a lot of turmoil around the world recently. Following the election of Donald Trump in America, everyone, including people in my home country Australia have an op…

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Let there be light!

It appears we are experiencing a lot of turmoil around the world recently. Following the election of Donald Trump in America, everyone, including people in my home country Australia have an opinion about it. It has become a time of great polarity and opposing opinions, but maybe the most significant aspect that has arisen from this is the feeling that Trump has ignited in America a heightened sense of sexism and racism.

I have this overwhelming feeling, predominantly media driven, that there appears to be a lot of fear, darkness and negativity rising in the world as a result. However, what we have briefly lost sight of is that the world has always been a battle ground of relativity. We have had incredibly hard times in our history, and inspiring times too. The dark and light times have never really stopped. They have just changed in their forms.

What we are losing sight of isn’t whether the world is becoming too dark a place to live in, our beautiful world is always going to incorporate both the lightness and darkness. But the most comforting principle to remember is that when darkness and light collide, light always prevails. When you enter a dark room and turn on the light, darkness cannot exist at the same time.

I have witnessed this thoughout the past few weeks in news articles following some of Trump’s most recent policies to ban people entering the US from certain countries. There has been a huge outpouring of protesters, standing up for the rights of strangers. Lawyers working tirelessly without pay to assist those in need, and Judges risking their tenure to do what they believe is right.

The key to understanding and surviving this current perceived chaotic world is to ensure you are experiencing it through the best filter of perception, a filter of light, clarity and peace. There may always be negative things that occur in our lives and around us, this is part of the Earth journey, but how you perceive it makes a profound difference to how you will experience it.

Everyday I wake up, the first thing I do is I consciously find at least 10 things I am grateful for. Throughout the day I take notice of things I witnessed or read or heard about that demonstrate just how beautiful and light the world can be. From a stranger offering his or her seat on public transport, to emergency service operators risking their lives to save another or even something as simple as a smile to brighten another person’s day. And when darkness eventually rears its ugly head, somewhere, somehow it will inspired someone, maybe even yourself, to stand up and lighten up the room.

Connecting to Mother Earth

Over the past few years one of the most profound lessons I have gained is the importance of understanding, appreciating and respecting our home, Earth. Just like us, the earth is a living organism which we are part of not separate from. Everything that is incapsulated in earth is connected and part of a greater whole. Our natural world thrives through adaptation and cooperation of its living inhabitants. Plants and trees filter our oxygen and feed our animals, in return feeding us. Every organism has its role to play, and inter-dependence is the key to the survival of the whole, ensuring the environment continues to thrive and remains balanced.

But what happens when the balance is disrupted because one species has forgotten or decided to not play its part in keeping the equilibrium of the planet and instead pollute it with various toxic chemicals, make room for machines and constructed buildings and large cities. We have lived in the dark for far too long, disregarding the importance of our plant life and animals in order to cater to our need for materialism. For the most part, nature has paid the highest price, while many consider the needs and rights for animals, very little thought is given when plant or vegetation is bulldozed or poisoned to make way for a new shopping district, roads or houses. Tree’s can be cut down turned into paper, houses, furniture etc… it’s just a plant, it doesn’t have feelings like us so it is expendable. However, science is now beginning to explore the true power of nature.

Exciting new scientific research in the field of plant neurobiology examines the sensory structures of plants to determine whether plants have feelings, experience pain or fear and can pick up human thoughts. Science has discovered that plants have an enigmatic sensory system, while they do not have nerve cells that communicate sensory signals to the brains like in humans. Plants do, however, have a form of electrical signal they produce through neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine and various chemicals similar to that of a human brain, which transmit sensory signals. (http://www.pri.org/stories/2014-01-09/new-research-plant-intelligence-may-forever-change-how-you-think-about-plants, “New research on plant intelligence may forever change the way you think about about plants,” PRI.org, 10 January 2014)

There are also suggestions that not only are plants capable of feeling without actual brains to process the information they are able to hear. Scientists played the sound of a caterpillar eating plant leaves to a plant, almost immediately the plant reacted to the sound by excreting defensive chemicals. The author of scientific plant books such as “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” and “The Botany of Desire”, Michael Pollan, stated in an articled published by the New Yorker that plants may even have the ability to learn, he referenced the research performed by animal biologist Monica Gagliano:
“Gagliano set up a contraption that would drop the mimosa plant, without hurting it. When the plant dropped, as expected, its leaves collapsed (as a natural defence mechanism). She kept dropping the plants every five to six seconds.”After five or six drops, the plants would stop responding, as if they’d learned to tune out the stimulus as irrelevent,” Pollan says. “This is a very important part of learning — to learn what you can safely ignore in your environment.” Maybe the plant was just getting worn out from all the dropping? To test that, Gagliano took the plants that had stopped responding to the drops and shook them instead. “They would continue to collapse,” Pollan says. “They had made the distinction that [dropping] was a signal they could safely ignore. And what was more incredible is that [Gagliano] would retest them every week for four weeks and, for a month, they continued to remember their lesson.”” Ibid
Furthermore, one of the most famous researchers in this field is retired CIA polygraph expert Cleve Backster who performed experiments on plants during the 1960’s and hypothesised that plants were able to tune into our thoughts and react to them. During one of his experiments Backster tested this theory by thinking about burning one of the leaves of the plant. He intended to burn the plant and imagined it in his mind. Simultaneously the plant begins to demonstrate fear responses in the polygraph test. He later burns the leaf of the plant and it demonstrates the same fear. Backster later stops burning the plant and instead pretends he wants to hurt it, however, no fear responses register as it appears the plant is aware there is no real imminent threat as he does not actually intend to hurt it. While Backster’s work on plants did not eventuate to significant scientific notification, and endured a great amount of ridicule, Backster nonetheless was a pioneer in the development of this kind of research, which has progressed significantly in modern science.

For centuries Australian Aborigines have been telepathically communicate with their plants and environment to survive, learning the healing properties and also the dangers of each plant. Plants although do not speak with words definitely have a deep intelligence of their own, and every animal and human can tune into this intelligence as we are all connected through the same consciousness that created the existence of all things. In order to survive the harsh remote Australian outback the Aborigines live as one with their environment and the consciousness of existence, without the need for modern interference, medicine or drugs.

So what does all this have to do with our connection to Mother Earth? One of the greatest mistakes we have made collectively as people is our failure to fully understand, remember, harmonise and embrace our connection to earth. We have lived far too long as separate entities, treating the earth as a commodity to be sold, toiled, mined and polluted. We fail to see that our mistreatment of the earth is a direct mistreatment of ourselves, as it is a part of us. When your perception about the earth, plants and animals change, from being separate entities, we will then be able to connect to the spirit of the life force of all living things, and only then can the earth thrive and return to its healthy balance.

Recently I have been drawn to some significant research about the concept of “grounding” or “Earthing”. Board-certified cardiologist Stephen Sinatra, specialises in integrative medicine. Dr Sinatra has published books and conducted lectures on the subject of metabolic cardiology and energy medicine. His research has demonstrated that the use of electroceuticals, absorbing the negative electrical charge of the earth through placing our bare feet on the ground (Earth) improves the bodies ability to heal at a cellular level. Dr Sinatra asserts that the direct contact with the earth allows the electrons to be absorbed into the body and provides a potent neutralisation of free radicals. His studies also suggests grounding reduced the verbosity and thickness of blood, and in effect reducing blood pressure and preventing heart disease. He believes that after the invention and prevalence of modern footwear made from synthetic and rubber materials, there has been a sharp increase in the amount of inflammatory disease amongst people, such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and auto-immune diseases. Most of which can be assisted through grounding.
We were born to live in harmony, and as part of the earths structure not to dominate or destroy it. Our bodies were meant to touch the soil for continuous absorption of electrons that fight free radicals and the early symptoms of ageing and illness.

We have created a world that is toxic to our health and well being, a world where destruction and extinction is a by-product of greed, consumerism and the desire for more. We have forgotten what is truly important in our lives, and what should be cherished. We are not only the inhabitants of earth but we are responsible for its survival because the survival of our Mother Earth means the survival of ourselves.

Self-guided healing

Late last year I took a short break from writing my book and my blog because I felt compelled to read and learn more about healing. I was drawn to a book by the author Anna Parkinson called “Change your mind, heal your body”. For some reason the title of the book really hit home for me and after reading about the authors journey in curing her brain cancer through a body-mirroring technique, where a healer is able to tune into another person’s energy and find through images in the healers mind, the emotional roots of the persons physical ailments. Her story was so compelling I contacted her via her website to request a healing session through Skype. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was open and very excited about the process. I spoke to Anna for an hour and during that time she able to tune into my body and highlight all the emotional baggage I had been holding on to for so long. She went into my past with such detail and accuracy it was like she was reading a biography of all my life’s struggles and issues. She even brought up issues I had completely forgot about and was able to shed light on certain things that happened to allow closure and even forgiveness. She also mentioned something very intriguing and unexpected. I would eventually embark on a journey to learn about healing from the Australian Aborigines. This was a surprise to me because I had never really thought about Aboriginal tribes and their healing methods.

After my healing session with Anna I became almost obsessed with researching Aboriginal healing, that is when I stumbled upon a book called “Secrets of Aboriginal Healing”, by Gary and Robbie Holz. It was about a journey of a physicist named Gary Holz who was diagnosed with MS and paralysed from the neck down, he travelled to Australia from the US to live with a remote Aboriginal tribe to learn their ancient healing secrets. When he returned from this visit he had regained feeling in his body and was able to walk onto the plane home with a walking aid and lived seven years after his prognosis of two years. The years after his stay with the Aboriginal tribe he became telepathic, was able to communicate with his spirit guide and a very powerful spiritual healer.

I eventually contacted Robbie Holz, who discovered her own spritual healing abilities after her late Husband had passed. We had an hour long healing session on Skype where she was able to tune into my spirit guides and determine the emotional issues underlying each of my health problems and work through new belief systems to restore balance to my life and body.

Shortly after this experience a memory came to me, one that I had kind of repressed as insignificant and inexplicable. During my early twenties around the time I was diagnosed with kidney disease, my eye sight started deteriorating and I required specs for long vision and reading. It was a bit of an adjustment for me because I have always had fairly good eye sight and I was not comfortable with wearing specs. I wore them on most occasions when I needed them. During my classes at University and driving. But I always found them to be uncomfortable and inconvenient. One day I was in my car and I remember getting really frustrated with my specs and in a small fit of anger I pulled my specs off my face and said to myself I no longer wish to be dependent on these, and put them away. To this day, I have no idea where I put them and have not seen them since. (It’s been almost 10 years) After I put them away I remember the frustration of not being able to see properly but stubbornly I refused to cave in and wear my specs, so every time I could not see clearly I would say to myself “this is unacceptable, I need my vision and I cannot be dependent on specs, they just don’t work for me, I don’t need them anyway.” I would repeat this over and over and imagine my eyes correcting themselves and seeing clearly. Then I would constantly go for walks in parks and try to focus on something in the far distance, a tree or a plant, or a beautiful flower, something that was pleasant to look at. After years of doing this, I started to forget about my vision problems and five years later I went for a routine eye check. My optomistrist was surprised, he asked what I had been doing, I was confused by his question. He said my vision had corrected itself and I no longer required specs. I was shocked. It hadn’t occurred to me that I was seeing clearly again, it became a natural part of my life and an expected one. Looking back now, I realised I healed my own sight, through constantly repeating to my brain what I needed, expecting it and using my imagination to guide the path. Then once I let go of the need for it to happen and any resistance, the energy was open for healing to flow through and manifest. I realise now, this is the process of all healing. Our bodies are incredibly miraculous and capable of things beyond our wildest dreams. The path to healing is to ensure your body is placed in the correct environment for healing to take place. This requires one to be in a calm, relaxed state, once this is achieved instructions must be given by to the brain, once it has been alerted to the issue it can go about rectifying it in the body. But this may take some persistence and the awareness of any emotional thought patterns that may be causing the illness in the first place and removing them. The final step is to let go, trust the body will and is capable of healing itself and not place any resistance in needing results immediately.

The greatest gift of all.

From the dawn of time,
The skies and earth align.
Life is born,
And the land is torn.
The trees’ clear the air,
While ravens stalk their share.
The lions are fierce and mighty,
Cross their paths to find them feisty.
Birds unique in their feather,
But often fly together.
Cheetahs are blessed with power and speed.
The animal kingdom is impressive, indeed.
But the greatest gift of all
Is by far the best to call,
Given to humans, is the ability to think.
With this gift we are able to link
Our minds’ for creation;
That govern our own salvation.
Witness our feats;
There is nothing we cannot defeat.
Flying higher than a bird,
Moving faster than the herd.
We wield weapons far more destructive and deadly
Than a bear’s claws, incredibly.
With this power comes great duty,
Behold the real beauty.
With every thought,
What is sought,
Is the freedom from our own distraught.

Healing power of compassion

As many of you may know by now I have been through some very painful and difficult circumstances in my life, and I am sure many of you have been through your own struggles and journey. However, what I have learnt from these hard times is that for one, the human spirit is incredibly resilient and two, although there is a lot of suffering and darkness in the world at the moment there is also inspiring displays of love, kindness and compassion. When I reflect on my own journey I am reminded of a time I was around 28 years old, in hospital and was slowly bleeding to death, literally. At the time, I was diagnosed with large fibroids in my uterus that were causing very heavy bleeding to the point where I was hospitalised for days and received six blood transfusions to keep me alive. The doctors were baffled as to how to stop the bleeding, I remember laying in hospital terrified and vulnerable. The most frightening part of the entire ordeal was the look of uncertainty and panic in all my doctors’ eyes. For days I lay in pain, not knowing whether the doctors’ had come up with a plan to treat me, and I was getting so weak I could barely lift my head. Then only to receive another round of painful and invasive tests and more blood transfusions. By the end of the week a team of doctors had come up with one final solution, they had to operate and perform a procedure that would temporarily stop the bleeding but it would eventually come back and when it did they broke the news that the only foreseeable option was for me to have a hysterectomy. I remember the day when one of the senior doctor’s came to my bedside and told me the horrifying news. I was on my own that day and the doctor was a complete stranger, but there was one incredible nurse, named Rebecca she was in her early 20’s, and was in her first year of nursing. She was bubbly, friendly and genuine. She would spend most of her shift coming over to chat to me and we got to know each other really well. When the doctor came in to speak to me she asked to sit with me and held my hand throughout the consultation. I remember hearing the words hysterectomy and feel my entire body tremble, my eyes welled up and the emotion poured out of me in a flood of sadness and fear. My dreams of becoming a mother seemed to be shattered in those few minutes. But I also remember feeling comforted having Rebecca by my side. I was alone that entire day, my partner and my family were all at work yet I had someone whom I had just met a few hours ago by my side, holding my hand and comforting me. After the doctor left we spoke about the news I had received. I could see she genuinely felt the pain I was in, and I could feel her compassion for my situation. I was overcome with a sense of peace in that moment, and this healing energy of connection between two relative strangers, what connected us was my pain. She empathised with the suffering I was feeling as a young woman who would wanted children. She felt my pain as if it were her own. I was so grateful for the compassion she gave me, and I could feel my strength begin to return. I will never forget Rebecca and what she did for me, that day she taught me the power of compassion. It is what connects us as people. When you witness another persons pain and suffering, and offer your compassion you are basically opening your heart and practicing the most fundamental aspect of love, for all, because we are all part of the one family, the Earth Family, and another person’s pain is no different to your own.

Day 4: The healthy thinking plan.

I am not proud to admit I have literally lost my momentum for this project already; negative, defeatist, can’t be bothered thoughts are plaguing my mind. I think it’s probably because I have been attempting to do the quick version of my plan, by trying not to have, or ignoring every negative thought that comes to mind. Rather than confront it, learn about the belief behind it, being thankful for it being bought to my attention and then letting it go. Initially this all seemed fairly quick and quite an easy task. But the reality is, especially in my situation, I have a lot of negative thoughts. In fact now that I am paying close attention to my thoughts I have noticed that a majority of my thoughts are hardwired towards the negative. My perception about my family, friends and life in general is highly critical, unforgiving, intolerant of others and their character flaws or weaknesses, with an expectation for the occurrence of the worst case scenario. My words are even negatively geared, do you know how many times I answered “not bad” to a “how are you?” question? Too many, why is it so difficult for me to express myself in a positive way? I realise that I have a lot of stuff to unravel, I have barely even scratched the surface and it’s already feeling like a marathon of gigantic proportions. I know I am speaking in very sceptical terms, I do still have faith that I can alter my thinking patterns and gear them more towards the positive, but there’s just a lot ahead of me and I am beginning to feel afraid of how far I will have to push myself to achieve this, and whether I will have the strength to carry on with this project. Don’t get me wrong, I have noticed that while I have encountered a lot of difficulty there have been some noticeably significant improvements in my character recently. For instance, even though I was stressed about the car accident yesterday, I managed to pull myself out of my mind rut fairly quickly. My partner even noticed how bubbly and joyful I was after only a couple of hours. In the past he would observe my sour attitude after a crisis lasting anywhere from 48 hours to an entire week. Other small improvements have also become apparent, I seem to be getting more creative with my writing, blogging and business ideas. I also have the urge to clean and tidy up more often and am spending my time far more productively and efficiently. While I am a long way from reaching my ideal goals, there does seem to be a small glimmer of light at the end of this tunnel.